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Creating a woodland garden is something that not many people think of, since most gardeners tend to focus on brightly colored flowers that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, or the eye of a passerby. If you’ve thought about making a shade-loving garden that has the air of a woodland space, then you might like to take a look at the 5 cool woodland plants I’ve listed below.

5. Hosta

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This perennial comes in a variety of sizes, but all are identifiable by their large leaves. They also grow very well underneath a large tree. These shade-loving plants grow very well in gardens with other types of woodland plants.

4. Yellow-Eyed Grass

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For the edges of a woodland garden, this plant is perfect. It is a low-growing plant that appears to be a patch of grass, but it has star-shaped flowers in a hue of light yellow. It is also self-sowing, which means you don’t have to pick the seeds and sprinkle them around each fall.

3. Cinnamon Fern

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Deep green fronds of this fern grow to be up to 30 inches in length. Before the leafy fronds unfurl into long waxy foliage it looks a lot like a stick of cinnamon. These ferns are very different from the typical ones found in most woodland gardens that begin with fuzzy fiddle heads.

2. Astilbe

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These shade-loving plants provide an impressive floral display between June and August each year. White, pink, red, and even purple flowers can be seen on different varieties of astilbe. They need well-draining soil and are perfect for adding color to a group of hostas and ferns.

1. Irish Moss

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What woodland garden would be complete without moss? This moss grows well in partial shade and makes a luscious green carpet all along the ground. It even fits perfectly between rocks and stepping stones.

I’m sure some of these aren’t new to you, if any. They can all be combined to create a gorgeous woodland garden in a relatively small amount of space. What types of plants do you think of when someone mentions a woodland garden?

Top Photo Credit: PATierney

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