5 Tips on Having a Patio ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Having a Patio ...

Whether you have a patio that is attached to the back of your apartment or a sprawling patio that leads to a big backyard, you should be able to use these 5 tips on having a patio. I think the patio is a fantastic addition to any home and can serve many wonderful purposes.

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Make It Functional

I have a friend who only stores extra lawn furniture on her patio. I think this is a huge waste of space. Organize your patio so that it actually functions as a patio. Remove unwanted items and make it a place where you want to hang out. Have a table on it if you enjoy eating outside. Make a place for the BBQ grill if you like to cook out.


Create a Space That Feels Lively

Hang some party lights from the railing or trees around the patio. Stick some tiki torches in the ground for more of a party feel to the area. Whatever you need to do to spice things up and make the patio a happy place, then go for it!


Utilize All Your Patio Space

Even the corners of a patio can be utilized. Get a nice looking planter and fill it with flowers, an ornamental tree, or some type of greenery that makes a pleasant backdrop. No one is going to be standing or sitting in the corner, so fill it in.


Rearrange when the Décor Feels Stale

Replacing a couple of planters or swapping out old lawn chairs from some newer ones might be all you need to change things up a bit. Whenever your patio area makes you feel uninterested to be in it, then it’s probably time for some change in décor.


Don’t Make It Too Crowded

Utilizing all your patio space doesn’t mean you should fill every little gap that is available. If you like the jungle look, then see if you can pull it off without making it unsuitable for people to hang out on the patio in comfort. It is possible to have too many plants or furniture pieces on a patio. You want it to look pleasant, not like a garage sale in the forest.

I hope these 5 tips are useful and you are able to organize your patio to fit your needs. What do you use your patio for most of the time?

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