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5 Tips on Growing Magnolia's ...

By Aprille

I think Magnolia trees are beautiful and they make a great addition to any landscape. Whether you already have a Magnolia tree or are thinking about getting one, here are 5 tips on growing Magnolia’s.

5 Choose a Magnolia Tree That is Best Suited for Your Climate

There are Magnolias that bloom early and those that bloom later in the season. If you are located in an area where heavy frost is common in the spring, you might want to choose a tree that is of the late-blooming variety.

4 Prune Branches in the Late Fall or Early Summer

Keeping dead or diseased branches from accumulating will keep your Magnolia tree healthy. Pruning is going to be easier when there aren’t any leaves present. This will allow you to have a better view of the branches that need trimming.

3 Sheltering Your Magnolia a Bit Can’t Hurt

Providing a wind break for your Magnolia tree will keep the winds from drying out the ground around your tree and also from excessively cold winds that may damage the Magnolia during colder months. Low elevations should also be avoided, since the cold air can also damage Magnolia trees as it settles around the shallow roots.

2 Watch out for the Shallow Root System

Many trees have very deep roots that spread in all directions. Magnolia trees have very shallow roots, so they are more susceptible to drought and extreme temperatures. The soil around the shallow roots is also more likely to become compacted if the tree is located in an area where a lot of traffic occurs. Adding mulch to the ground around the base of the tree and up to 4 feet away from the trunk will help with each of these shallow root issues.

1 Soil Should Be Well-drained

Magnolias don’t like to be left in standing water, but they do prefer moist soil. Add some compost or humus to the top layer of soil. This will allow the soil around the roots to still be well-draining, but the top layer will keep too much water from evaporating.

These tips should help you keep your Magnolia tree growing strong. How long have you had your Magnolia tree? Have you had any difficulty with keeping it alive?

Top Photo Credit: jonnybaker

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