5 Things in a Salad Garden ...


5 Things in a Salad Garden ...
5 Things in a Salad Garden ...

There's nothing like being able to go to the garden and pick everything I need to create a fresh salad, right on the spot. Here are 5 things in a salad garden that seem to make a salad super tasty. Feel free to add some ideas on other things that could be found in a salad garden, if you have some to share.

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I didn't like radishes when I was a little kid, but they always made their way into the salad at dinner time. Now that I'm grown, I find myself feeling that my salad isn't complete without a radish in it. These spicy roots are very easy to grow and they like all types of soil.



If you like onions in your salad, but don’t want to plant large onions that take up a lot of garden space, then why not plant a few scallions? I like being able to pluck one small scallion at a time. These are the perfect size for a salad and I don't worry about wasting any, since they are small onions.


Miniature Bell Peppers

These plants produce tiny bell peppers that only get to be as large as 2 inches. I’ve seen these precious peppers in a golden yellow, deep crimson, and a burgundy color that has a brownish tinge to it. They are just as sweet as the full-size bell peppers.


Butter Lettuce

You can't have a salad garden without at least one type of lettuce. I like to have a variety, but the main type of lettuce I like to grow is Butter Lettuce. This is a tasty lettuce that has a light greenish-yellow hue to the leaves. The leaves of this type of lettuce have more nutrients than iceberg lettuce leaves and they grow faster too.


Cherry Tomatoes

Adding cherry tomatoes to a salad saves time and space. I don't like to take time to cut up a large tomato just for my salad and then try to figure out what to do with the leftover chunks. Cherry tomatoes also take less time to grow.

I like eating lots of salads, especially during the hot summer months when it's too hot in the kitchen to fire up the oven. Starting a salad garden might be just the type of garden you would like, if you also enjoy eating salads each day. What other plants would you put in your salad garden if you grew one?

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