5 Bugs You'll Find in Your Garden ...


5 Bugs You'll Find in Your Garden ...
5 Bugs You'll Find in Your Garden ...

Not all bugs are bad. There are plenty that can be seen in the garden, but it’s good to know which ones need to be dealt with and which can be left alone. Here are 5 bugs you’ll find in your garden. I’ve added information on which ones might be considered pests as well.

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Lady Bugs

These are actually considered to be good luck by most people. True Lady Bugs have an equal number of spots on both sides of their body. If you have a beetle with spots that seem very randomly placed, it just might be a variety that is nibbling on your plants.



Aphids are a common pest for gardeners. Lady Bugs can help control aphids since they love to eat them. These little bugs can be hard to see at first. They are small and light green, so they tend to blend in with the leaves of plants.


Praying Mantis

I think these are some of the most fascinating bugs I’ve found in my garden. They always seem so inquisitive about their surroundings. Praying Mantis eat grasshopper, which are commonly found munching on plants in my garden. They also eat flies, moths, and crickets.


Cabbage Worms

Broccoli and kale are both preyed upon by cabbage worms, as well as cabbage plants. Small cream colored butterflies lay eggs on the underside of leaves, which then hatch into Cabbage Worm larvae. Each of these little worms has a huge appetite and begins munching on plants the moment they are hatched.


Stink Bugs

The shape of these bugs makes them easy to spot. Their body is shaped like a shield, with a point at one end. These little bugs get their name from the smell they give off. They eat flowers, leaves, raid orchards, and munch on soybeans. However, they also eat caterpillars, so they can be both helpful and a pest.

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the bugs mentioned above and hopefully none of them have raided your garden recently. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to deal with garden pests. It’s also helpful to know which bugs are harmless, so you don’t waste a lot of time fighting the good bugs! Do you have any certain types of bugs that you can’t seem to keep out of your garden?

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