5 Cool Outdoor Accessories for Your Garden ...


5 Cool Outdoor Accessories for Your Garden ...
5 Cool Outdoor Accessories for Your Garden ...

The garden doesn’t only have to be filled with flowers and vegetables. There are so many fabulous accessories that can be purchased to make the garden an exciting place to be. Whether you are working in the garden daily or just on the weekends, here are 5 cool outdoor accessories for your garden.

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Carrying Case for Garden Tools

Carrying Case for Garden Tools amazon.com
This garden bag not only holds garden tools, but it even comes with a variety. There is a transplanting tool, a rake, a digger, a trowel, a weeding fork, a trimming tool, bind line, and a pair of gloves. Each of these tools has a place to be stored on the outside of the bag, while the middle can be use to put seeds, small pots, or other small garden accessories.


Garden Watch Camera

Garden Watch Camera amazon.com
If you’ve ever been curious about how long it takes your flowers to bloom, then this is the garden accessory for you. There are 7 different settings available on this camera. You can take a picture of a single flower every 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 4 or 24 hours, or at the interval of your choice. The weather resistant camera is attached to a mounting stake and the files are saved as JPEG images.


Coil Hose with Wand

Coil Hose with Wand amazon.com
Watering hanging plants can be quite the hassle. I either slosh water all over me from the watering can or have water running down my arm from the garden hose. This handy coiled hose attaches right to the faucet of a sink. The wand is long enough to easily water hanging plants. The 50 foot hose reaches quite the distance. I can run the hose out the kitchen window and water my hanging baskets on the front porch!


Light-up Garden Gnome

Light-up Garden Gnome amazon.com
I don’t think a garden is complete without a garden gnome. This little guy doubles as a light as well. It isn’t a bright light, but just enough to be visible and tell what the statue is of. There is an on/off switch if you don’t want the light to come on each night. The batteries used to power the gnome are supposed to last around 4 months.


Garden Hose on Wheels

Garden Hose on Wheels amazon.com
I don’t know about you, but hauling the watering hose around the garden can be a tiring task for me. I thought this four-wheeled cart was a great accessory for the garden. The handle is tall enough to push or pull the hose easily and the little basket is perfect for my trowel, seed packets, gloves, or a water bottle.

I think each of these gardening accessories is a great asset for any avid gardener to have. Are there any neat tools or accessories for the garden that you’ve come across lately? Do you think any of the accessories mentioned above would be worth having?

Top Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

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