7 Common Flowers and Their Meanings ...

One of the things that has recently intrigued me the most is flowers and their meanings. We are so used to the idea that any flowers are perfect for any occasion that we fail to realize that some are more appropriate than others. Although any bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful gesture, it has much more of a profound effect once you have a reason behind gifting a specific kind. So lets take a look at several flowers and their meanings.

1. Daisy

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If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, you have probably realized that many writers use daisies as symbols for something pure and innocent. The reason is daisies signify cheerfulness and innocence. In addition, they can also symbolize new beginnings, which is why many people tend to purchase them for weddings. So if you are interested in flowers and their meanings, now you know that daisies represent complete innocence and purity.

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