7 Tips for Growing Blue Agave Indoors ...


To all you agave lovers out there, I’ve got some tips for growing blue agave indoors so you can have this natural sweetener anytime you want. Agave is a controversial sweetener. Eating a low-glycemic diet myself, I see the benefits of eating agave instead of refined sugar, however you should know, it is still very high in sugar, just like regular sugar. If you’re going to consume agave, you should consume raw blue agave whenever possible. The raw version is much more nutritious, and contains vitamins and minerals that processed agave does not have. You can have your own supply, with some of these tips for growing blue agave indoors. Agave is a cactus-like plant, therefore is cared for much like cactus plants are.

1. Start with a Shallow Pot

One of the key things to know about growing blue agave indoors is to start with a shallow pot. Blue agave plant seeds can be planted in as little as 2 inches of soil. It’s best to start out in a small pot, and transfer it to a larger pot once it begins to sprout larger leaves. Your pot also needs to have a drainage place at the bottom so the seed doesn’t rot.

Water Once Every Few Weeks
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