7 of the Healthiest Vegetables That Are Easy Enough for Any Gardener to Grow ...

I’m not a vegetable gardening connoisseur, but I do know of a good handful of the healthiest vegetables you can grow all at home right outside your back (or front) door. Growing vegetables in your own yard can be intimidating if you’re new to gardening. Some of the healthiest vegetables you can eat are also some of the best and most economical ones to plant. Take a look at these veggies and buy a few plants this week at your local home and garden center. In no time, you’ll not only be eating healthy, but also be able to brag to your friends and family about your new healthy gardening talent!

1. Tomatoes

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Technically, tomatoes are a fruit, but since we’re talking about the easiest, healthiest vegetables to grow, I’ve included them here since they’re more often sold in the veggie section. Tomatoes are easy to grow as you might already know, and do well somewhere outside with a lot of sunlight. They are best grown on a wire stand that you can buy at your garden store, which will keep them off the ground, free from bacteria and mold from water exposure. You can also plant them in pots if you wish, but be sure to separate tomato plants to one pot per plant, and make sure the pot is at least 12 inches deep. Tomatoes are low in calories, high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and even have a bit of iron in them. Plus, nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato, straight off the vine in the middle of summer! Plant them right at the beginning of April for best growth, but always after the last frost of the winter.

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