7 Delicious Fruits That Are Oh-so-Easy to Grow ...

With all of the different fruits out there, finding fruits that are easy to grow isn't easy! In fact, it can be harder than you expect, especially if you are just starting out. I've looked all over and finally compiled a list of fruits that are easy to grow that even a beginner can start a fruit garden with! So, take a look and get out there and garden! Who knows, maybe you'll find out just how awesome your green thumb is!

1. Figs

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Figs are actually one of my favorite fruits that are easy to grow and they are oh-so-tasty! If you are a fig-lover but had no idea that they were so easy to grow, you'll be happy to learn more about them! These figs need to be grown against a hot and sunny south/west facing wall. They are best when their roots are restricted and they are perfect to grow in a container. Think about how many recipes you can make with your awesome figs!

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