5 Reasons I like Perennials ...

Most of my gardens contain perennials. I’ve always been drawn to them for a number of reasons. If I didn’t like to see so many different types of flowers in my gardens, then I’d probably only plant perennials. Here are 5 reasons I like perennials.

5. I Don’t Have to Plant Them Every Year

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I like knowing that all I have to do is keep the weeds pulled and the perennials will take care of the rest. I don’t have to dig them up in the fall or replant new ones in the spring. I simply watch them grow and enjoy their beauty.

4. Most Are Very Hardy

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It’s great to have plants that come back if they get run over by the lawn mover or dug up by the dog. I’ve found perennials that the dog had dug up and slept with in her bed for a few nights before I found them. These poor things bounced right back after I replanted and watered them thoroughly.

3. They Are Easy to Transplant

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I’m very rough with plants, so it’s good to have perennials that are sturdy and can be easily transplanted from one garden to another. I’ve transported a large number of perennials from my grandmother’s house to my own and never lost a transplant yet. The drive takes about 5 hours and I don’t always get the plants in the ground the same night I make it home.

2. They Are the First Types of Plants I Learned about

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My grandmother always had a yard full of perennials. These were the first flowers I learned the names of and had experience with. I think she is the reason I like perennials so much.

1. They Spread Themselves Throughout My Garden All One Their Own

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I like not having to plant more seeds in order to repopulate my garden. Perennials are usually capable of multiplying with very little difficulty. It’s great to be able to plant a single lily one summer and have 3 or 4 pop up in the same area the next year.

These 5 reasons I like perennials are why I choose to have them in my garden more than annuals. I love gardening, but if I spend a lot of time planting new flowers each year, I’d like them to be ones that are fuss-free. I want them to come back year after year and leave me more time to find new ones to add to my collection, instead of replanting the same ones over and over again. Do you have more perennials or annuals in your garden?

Top Photo Credit: Wildlife Ranger

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