5 Reasons Why You Should like Lady Bugs ...


5 Reasons Why You Should like Lady Bugs ...
5 Reasons Why You Should like Lady Bugs ...

I think lady bugs are greatly underestimated. I adore these tiny insects and thought I’d share 5 reasons why you should like lady bugs too. I know some people don’t like bugs at all, but you should really give these little insects a chance.

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Children Love Them

Lady bugs are the perfect subject for children’s books. These brightly colored insects have been the main character in many stories. Hand and finger puppets have also been made for kids to play with. There is even a lady bug as one of the main characters in the cartoon, A Bug’s Life.


Supposedly Grant Wishes

In North America, lady bugs grant wishes when they are captured and then set free. Children often catch them and whisper a secret to the lady bug. The insect is then released to fly back home and make the wish come true.


Considered to Be Good Luck

Having a lady bug in the house is supposed to be good luck. In Italy, it is thought that the lady bug must fly into the bedroom to be considered a good luck omen.


Cute and Compact

These tiny insects are just too cute not to like. The most common type is the bright red lady bug with an equal number of spots on both sides of their outer covering. They are harmless little creatures and much to pretty to even stir the urge to squish them.


Aphids Are Tasty to Them

Gardeners greatly appreciate the way aphid numbers drastically reduce when lady bugs are around. These little insects even work during the winter time, if they are able to find a way to live inside your home for the colder months.

I hope I changed your opinion of lady bugs and that you will now look at them in a whole new light. Do you have a bug that you like better than the lady bug? What makes you like this insect so much?

Top Photo Credit: chrissie2003

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