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5 Reasons I like Blogging about Gardens ...

By Aprille

I live for gardening, so I find blogging about gardens and anything to do with gardening to be a great source of enjoyment for me. There are additional reasons why I enjoy this type of writing. There are 5 reasons I like blogging about gardens listed below. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I like writing them!

5 I Get to Meet New People Who Share My Love for Gardening

When people share their comments on a particular subject this lets me know that someone out there is interested enough to comment on the blog piece I wrote. I get to meet new gardeners from around the world and share tips and facts with them. I find this to be an exciting part about blogging.

4 I Learn New Things

Sometimes I write blogs about plants that I don't know every detail about, so I have to do some research. There are so many new things I learn from this process. I've come across many interesting facts, links to new gardening tools, and tons of other garden-related websites. The Internet is a wonderful place for learning new gardening tidbits.

3 I Find It to Be Relaxing

Writing about gardening is just as relaxing as actually gardening. I can write about something I might be planning on doing in the spring and this makes me happy to think about spring being right around the corner. I can take my mind off of a lot of things by sitting down and blogging about gardens.

2 I like Hearing about Gardening Experiences That Other People Have

I enjoy learning about the types of gardens other people have. I also like it when fellow gardeners share stories about gardening adventures they had in the past. I can learn so many things just be reading different comments readers leave for me.

1 I Love Sharing Garden Knowledge with Others

The number one reason I like writing garden blogs is that it gives me a chance to share all of my knowledge about gardening that I've collected over the years. It makes me especially happy when someone says that they've been able to use some of the information I've written in a gardening blog.

These are my top 5 reasons for why I like writing blogs about gardens and gardening in general. I hope these many blogs inspire you to get outdoors and do some gardening or to try something new with your vegetable or flower garden each spring. Do you search blogs about gardening just to find new information or for a specific answer to a gardening question?

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