5 Cool Fall Plants ...

Here are 5 cool fall plants that work great in the creation of an autumn display, whether you are making one in containers on the patio or in the yard. Many of these can be planted directly in the ground and will do well.

5. Sweet Potato Vine

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This comes in both purple and light green. It can be a nice accent in a hanging planter, a stationary container, or even in an old whisky barrel or wheel barrow. They are perfect for adding a bit of movement to an otherwise vertical display of plants.

4. Forest Grass

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There are a few varieties that each look fantastic in a planter for the fall; Golden Japanese Forest Grass, Purple Fountain Grass, or Curly Top Sedge. The different shades with each of these grass types range from gold variegated to burgundy.

3. Heuchera

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Another name for this plant is Coral Bells. There are a few varieties that have a purple hue to the leaves. These make an excellent addition for any container display. They go well with most other plants, since they are shorter and can fill up the empty space in a planter.

2. Coleus

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These can grow to be quite large. The variegate leaves add fantastic color to an area where the hues tend to be rather monochromatic. Many people combine 3 or 4 varieties in one container for a beautiful fall display.

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When you need a hardy flower for a fall container, this is the perfect plant. They come in just about every color imaginable too. Mums have almost become synonymous with autumn and can be seen in most fall displays.

I think it’s fun to make fall displays and add some color to an otherwise drab environment. Just because the fall is turning the leaves brown, this shouldn’t mean I can’t spruce things up in my own way! What types of fall plants do you prefer? What is it about these plants that you like most of all?

Top Photo Credit: Martin LaBar

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