5 Water-loving Plants ...


Not all plants prefer to have dry roots every now and then.

The 5 water-loving plant listed below are perfect for a soggy part of your yard where nothing seems to be able to grow well.

Although there are plenty of choices of plants that enjoying sitting in moist soil, these are the 5 I’ve had the most luck with.

I’d be interested to know what types of water-loving plants you’ve encountered lately.

5. Bee Balm

Pale purple blooms resembling fireworks burst from the tip of 3 foot tall stems.

This fragrant plant should be planted in full sun to part shade and does best in zones 4 thru 9.

The leaves can be crushed and used for tea or to season wild game fowl.

4. Red Osier Dogwood

The bright red bark of this ornamental tree is a beautiful addition to a garden that needs a little brightening up during the winter months.

The twigs retain their color all winter long, while dark green leaves remain in place during the summer spring and summer months.

Once fall arrives the leaves begin to turn red and then purple.

This plant does best in full sun to part shade and in zones 3 thru 8

3. Marsh Marigold

The delicate yellow blooms on this more than 2 foot tall plant will brighten up the garden during the summertime.

The dark green leaves created a rather dense appearance and the hollow stems love to absorb lots of water.

Some people have an allergic reaction to this plant if they handle it excessively.

It should be planted in full sun to part shade and does best in zones 3 thru 7.

2. Willow Tree

There are about 400 species of trees included in the genus Salix, of which willows are included in.

These trees love water so much that they have been known to tap into water pipes and septic systems.

Sometimes they even cause pipes to break or damage structures in search of water.

They like being in full sun and do best in zones 4 thru 9.

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