8 Plants That Love the Shade ...


Plants that love shade are my biggest gardening challenge up to date and I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling to find nice-looking plants that won’t turn pale, leggy or grow all crooked in search of light. Well, I have good news for all of you fellow gardeners – turns out the list of possible choices is much longer than we could have guessed! So many cool plants for shady areas to check out and no reason to postpone it any further. Don’t you agree? Well, time to check out these beautiful plants that love shade.

1. Iris Foetidissima

Iris Foetidissima

First on my list of plants that love shade, this particular species of Iris will bloom in all its exotic beauty even in the areas that are way too shady for most other plants! Some find these quite uninteresting but you really shouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. Check them yourself, I’m sure some of you will find them as beautiful as I do. Blooming prettily is not the only thing that makes this plant worthy of growing – it’s super-hardy, evergreen and you’ll be happy to note that, once the flowers are gone, brightly colored berries show up, thus making the plant look totally awesome even well into winter.

Omphalodes Cappadocica
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