5 Herbs to Grow in Your Garden ...

I love growing herbs in my garden. Not only are the easy to get started, but they are beneficial as well. I’ve listed 5 herbs to grow in your garden. You don’t necessarily have to be a chef to have herbs in your garden spot. Many of them are very pretty and even ward of pests.

5. Spearmint

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Tea made with this herb is very soothing. It also makes great iced tea too. Growing it is simple and once you have a single plant, tons more will begin to pop up all over the garden. If it gets out into the yard, then there is an excellent minty smell each time the lawn is mowed.

4. Oregano

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I like making my own spaghetti sauce and there’s nothing better than fresh oregano in it. I also like the pinkish-purple flowers that bloom when the plant is about to go to seed. Not only is this a useful herb for cooking, but it is a pretty one too.

3. Catnip

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My cats bury themselves in the thick catnip plants in the garden. I like to let some go to seed for next year’s planting and then drying a bunch for the winter. The fresh leaves make an excellent tea that helps you sleep. Make sure to put lots of honey in the tea for just the right amount of sweetness.

2. Rosemary

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I use this herb on occasion, but mostly like the way it looks. I’ve taken a wire coat hanger and formed it into fun shapes in the middle of the rosemary plant. I wind the young plants around the wire and it eventually takes the shape of the coat hanger.

1. Basil

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I think this is the most useful herb of all. I can make tea with it when I’m sick. Basil tea is the best for when you are feeling low on energy. I can grind it up with some parmesan cheese, olive oil, and nuts to make pesto, or chop it up and add it to pasta sauce.

If you don’t already have herbs planted, then hopefully this list will inspire you to get some started. If you do have herbs already growing in your garden, which ones are they? Why did you choose to plant them?

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