7 Easy to Grow Flowers for Your Garden This Summer ...


Easy to grow flowers are perfect for any yard, large or small. And, they ensure that you can have beautiful blooms growing even if you donโ€™t have a green thumb. I love to plant flowers in my yard when spring comes โ€“ thereโ€™s just something so summery about them. I have lots of bulbs planted that come up every year, but I also like to plant the ones that only last through the summer. Check out this list of easy to grow flowers and youโ€™ll be well on your way to a colorful bunch of flowerbeds too.

1. French Marigolds

French Marigolds

I love marigolds because theyโ€™re pretty but also because if you plant them near your garden, it is supposed to help with pollination, which means more fruits and vegetables. They come in several bright, summery colors so you can mix and match your favorites or just stick with one color. French marigolds are one of the best easy to grow flowers because they thrive in virtually any kind of soil and only require a bit of water. They tolerate the sun and in fact thrive where there is very little shade. You can grow French marigolds directly in the ground or in pots.

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