8 Magnificent Plants You Can Grow in a Pot ...


Living in an apartment building or having a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should restrain yourself from growing anything more demanding than a cactus. In fact, there is a whole bunch of extraordinary, beautiful and even edible plants that are completely capable of living a happy live indoors! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, then I’m sure you’ll love these 8 plants:

1. Braided Ficus Tree

If you have a regular Ficus, you know how low-maintenance this plant really is. If you don’t, just take my word for it – My mom has never managed to successfully grow any indoor plant (including cacti) and yet, the Ficus she got as a present 2 years ago is still alive and well. A braided Ficus tree will definitely bring a breath of nature into your living room, office or any other big space you want to “soften-up” and make warm and comfortable. Plus, it doesn’t require any direct light so you don’t have to waste any usable space. Just put it in a bright corner and you’re done!

Moth Orchid
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