8 Early Spring Plants to Love ...


One of my favorite things about spring is the start of all the things blooming of my garden.

I can't get enough!

It starts of slowly, with just a few pops of color through the white snow, and soon my entire garden is a riot of color, in every hue of the rainbow, from the purple crocuses to the yellow daffodils and everything in between.2

If you're like me, then you'll want to keep reading.

Here are 8 early spring plants you'll love, too...

and you'll be seeing them soon!

1. Crocus

The crocus is such a simple, yet lovely flower, that pops up through the snow sometimes!

Crocus flowers bloom in many colors, though you see most in lilac, mauve, white and yellow.

Crocuses or "croci" are members of the iris family, and are definitely a perennial recommended for your early spring garden!

2. Winter Aconite

These precious flowers are pale yellow in color, and are surrounded by a swirl of green!

They can flower as early as January and as late as the end of March.

Winter Aconites naturalize easy, so they're best grown around trees and bushes in a semi-wild state.2

3. Witch Hazel

This shrub is another great addition to your garden.

It blooms in early spring with tiny yellow flowers.

Cutting some branches makes a perfect centerpiece for your table too!

For some areas, though, witch hazel chooses to bloom in the fall time!

4. Snowdrop

This lovely flora gets its name well enough - it's another snow bloomer!

Blooming right along with the Crocus, Snowdrops are hardy and cane be grown well in rock gardens, though wild flower gardens suit them as well.

5. Daffodil

Of course!

It wouldn't be spring without the lovely daffodils you see growing everywhere!

Since they bloom once and are done for the year, you can plant them in places where you would even be mowing later in the spring!

Let them take over your entire yard!

How pretty would that be!

Daffodils can be ordered in many colors, even white and pink!

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