7 Miracle Tips to Recover Your Lawn after a Drought🚿 ...


Summer droughts are a regular occurrence for many of us, so it never hurts to know how to recover your lawn after a drought to prevent further damage. Droughts can wreak havoc on your garden and your soil, but the damage they do isn’t permanent if you take careful measures. Let’s take a look at some tips to recover your lawn after a drought from some lawn and garden experts, shall we?

1. Focus on the Grass First

Sandra Mason, Horticulture Extension Educator from the University of Illinois Extension, says that one of the first things to focus on to recover your lawn after a drought is to focus on the grass first. She says in order to help your grass grow back you’ll need to focus on top-dressing the lawn with black soil or a compost. This helps provide a base where new grass seedlings can grow to re-establish a healthy lawn.

Consider a Soil-test
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