5 Flowers Perfect for Pressing ...


When I was a child, my mother and I would spend hours walking through the woods and along the backroads in search of wildflowers to press. We’d carry a thick book with us and some wax paper as we hunted for dainty blooms. Some flowers are better for pressing than others, not only because they are easier to smash between the pages of a book, but also due to their ability to hold onto their color. Here are 5 flowers perfect for pressing and not all have to be hunted down in the woods!

5. Daisies

The white petals of a daisy will generally remain bright even after the flower dries. Daisies can be found along roadsides, in an empty field, and they grow easily in most types of soil from seeds purchased at a store. Due to the relatively flat shape to the flower, daisies are able to be pressed with ease.

Bleeding Hearts
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