Bulbs You Can Plant Now for Blooms Next Spring ...


You might be surprised to find out that fall is the best time to plant a lot of plants you can enjoy when spring comes back around. Most bulbs come back year after year and they tend to spread and multiply. However, if you wait until spring to plant them, you won’t get to enjoy them until the following year. Don’t worry – it’s not too cold in the winter. The bulbs go dormant and know when to come back up when the weather starts to get warm again. Isn’t nature a wonderful thing? Here are some bulbs you should totally get in the ground soon for the most beautiful flowers come April and May.

1. Tulips


Tulips are one of my very favorite spring flowers. They come in all sorts of colors, including red, yellow, purple and pink. The colors range in shades from very dark to really light, so you’re sure to find something that fits in with your flower beds. You can even find tulips in two-toned loveliness. Shop for them at home and garden stores or buy bulbs online.

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