Alternatives to Needing Dirt for Gardening ...


I remember the first time that I worked in a green house and found out that it wasnโ€™t necessary to have dirt to grow plants. I thought this was a fascinating! Iโ€™ve always enjoyed having a garden, even when I used to live in the city. Thanks to the following alternatives to needing dirt for gardening that Iโ€™ve mentioned below, Iโ€™ve been able to have a garden no matter where I lived.

1. Clay Granules

People who grow plants with the hydroponic method already know how handy these clay granules are. They give the roots something to hold on to, which is one purpose of soil. Since they canโ€™t get nutrients from the clay the way they can from the soil, the roots depend on an outside source of nutrients.

Gelling Powder
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