5 Tips on Growing a Healthy Weeping Willow ...


Getting a weeping willow to grow correctly all begins with proper planting. If you donโ€™t start your willow out the right way, it will take it a long time to adapt to its surroundings. They are hardy trees, but it is still possible to kill them without meaning to. Here are 5 tips on growing a healthy weeping willow tree.

5. Make Sure the Roots Have Room to Spread

When planting a new weeping willow tree, you need to make sure that there is plenty of room for it to grow properly. The roots like to spread through the soil in all directions. Soil that is filled with air pockets works against the roots, since it allows them to dry out quickly. Make sure to start your plant in loose, but quality soil.

Use a Fertilizer with High Nitrogen Content
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