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5 Tips on Chasing Bugs Away ...

By Aprille

Bugs in my garden frustrate me to no end. I try to keep them out and the chickens help from time to time also. 5 tips on chasing bugs away from your beloved garden are listed below. Feel free to share some of your own tips at the end!

5 Resort to an Organic Pesticide

There are plenty of organic pesticides that will take care of bugs, but allow you to eat your veggies without fear of growing an extra appendage. Even if you are looking to get rid of bugs in a flower garden instead, using an organic pesticide keeps chemicals from leaching into your soil and possibly into your water source.

4 Mulch around Each Plant

A few types of garden pests come up from the dirt around the plants. Mulching with straw, newspaper, or grass clippings can be just enough of a deterrent that they decide to go elsewhere. Spiders also like to live in the mulch and they are excellent natural predators of most common garden pests.


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3 Add Bug-repelling Plants to Your Garden

Some plants actually deter bugs. Basil wards off thrips, green beans keep Colorado potato beetles at bay, anise deter snails, slugs, and aphids, thyme prevents white flies from damaging crops, and garlic discourages root maggots, aphids, spider mites, Japanese beetles, and squash vine borers.

2 Use Natural Methods

I’ve found 90 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol to be a successful method for getting rid of aphids on flowers and house plants. As for the vegetable garden, I’ve used a mixture of dish soap and water and sprits the plants with it.

1 Bring in Beneficial Bugs via Mail

There are a few garden supply places that I found online where you can purchase ladybugs. If you are having issues with aphids, this can be the best remedy ever. Not only do you have your own personal aphid-reducing troops, but lady bugs are also pretty. I love finding them on my flowers.

Hopefully these tips are useful to you or you can pass them on to a fellow gardener. Do you currently have issues with bugs in your vegetable or flower garden? What do you find works the best at keeping them away?

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