5 Songs Your Plants Will like ...

By Aprille

5 Songs Your Plants Will like ...

Some people swear by classical music in the green house and others are determined that country music helps their plants grow. Plenty of experiments have been performed to find out which type of music plants actually prefer. I think there are specific songs that plants like more than others too. Here are 5 songs your plants will like.

Table of contents:

  1. summer – vivaldi
  2. waltz of the flowers – tchaikovsky
  3. pachelbel’s canon in d
  4. the flower duet in lakmé
  5. in the hall of the mountain king

5 Summer – Vivaldi

I think movement 1: Allegro non molto is the best portion of this music piece. It has a nice change in tempo part way through the beginning. The fast pace makes me happy, so I would imagine plants would like it too.

4 Waltz of the Flowers – Tchaikovsky

What plants wouldn’t like a song with ‘flowers’ in the title? I’ve seen the cartoon ‘Fantasia’ enough that I picture the cartoon images associated with this song whenever I hear it. The melody is absolutely beautiful.

3 Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Popular at weddings, graduations, and other formal ceremonies, this piece has a soothing quality like no other song I’ve heard. I could listen to it over and over again. I know musicians who play the cello and complain about the simplicity of this piece, almost to the point of being boring. I, on the other hand, enjoy it immensely and play it for my plants often. Well, I guess it’s more for me than for them, but I’m sure they like it just as much.

2 The Flower Duet in Lakmé

Lakmé is an opera, of which I’m not usually a fan of. It’s not because I don’t understand all of what most operas are about, but the pitch of the singing tends to grate on my nerves. However, the Flower Duet in this opera is beautiful. I’ve listened to it while watching fireworks and it was the most amazing combination ever.

1 In the Hall of the Mountain King

This song has been used in many movies and performed in a variety of musical styles. The London Philharmonic Orchestra does the best, in my opinion. It starts off rather slow and really picks up towards the end. It’s a good one to toss into the mix of music I listen to when tending to my plants.

If you aren’t familiar with all of these classical pieces, I recommend listening to them when you get the chance. Studies do show that plants prefer classical music over all other types. They actually grow better when subjected to classical music. What type of music do you play for your plants?

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