5 Plants You Should Plant ...


Here are 5 plants you should plant in your garden. Even if you donโ€™t particularly like the fruit that some of these plants produce, the flowers are very beautiful. You could always supply friends and family with fresh fruit while you enjoy the gorgeous blooms. A few of the other plants listed are best grown by people who will actually harvest the fruit. Youโ€™ll know which is which when you get to the descriptions.

5. Mara Des Bois Strawberries

If you like strawberries, then this is the perfect plant for you. These berries are extremely fragrant and are considered to be more flavor-filled than all other types of strawberries. They grow excellent in zones 4 to 8. Although these berries donโ€™t grow to be huge like some seen in the grocery store during the summer months, the flavor greatly makes up for the rather small size.

Golden Sentinel Apple Tree
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