5 Tips on Growing Snapdragons ...


Snapdragons have a leafy stem that looks very similar to a tiger lily, but the flowers at the top of this stem resemble miniature versions of glads when viewed from afar. These vibrant flowers make the perfect backdrop for a garden lacking color. If you are thinking about starting some of these annuals for your garden, then take a look at the 5 tips on growing snapdragons I’ve posted below.

5. Plant Indoors for an Early Start

Seeds for snapdragons are easy to germinate and grow indoors, if you are unable to purchase small plants at your local nursery. In order to have them ready for spring planting, start seeds around 7 weeks before the last frost is due to occur. You’ll be able to set the seedlings outdoors when they are around 9 weeks old.

Provide Soil with Adequate Drainage
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