5 Tiny Plants to Fill Small Spaces in Bouquets ...


I like having bouquets of fresh cut flowers on the living room table or in the kitchen window. I not only enjoy seeing the large blossoms of the iris, tulips, or lilies I pick for my bouquets, but I also find myself scanning the yard for small flowers and plants to use as โ€˜fillersโ€™. If you find yourself wondering what you can plant in the garden to use with your fresh cut flowers, then take a look at the following list. Here are 5 tiny plants to fill small spaces in bouquets.

5. Bunny Tails

The fluffy white blooms at the tip of each 20 inch tall stem add fullness to a bouquet. Being white, these flowers donโ€™t clash with even the most vibrant colored bouquet of flowers; fresh or dried. This ornamental grass is drought tolerant and will grow in most types of soil.

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