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Want to learn how to start a sidewalk garden? Maintaining a regular garden can be fun and beneficial, especially when you see the rewards that are grown from your own hard work planting in the spring. From this, there are diverse types of gardens that can be grown which can not only supply you with beautiful flowers and vegetables, but it can also be a great stress reducer!

One example of a new and exciting project for the diehard gardener is creating their own types of addition gardens separate from their main one. A sidewalk garden is a wonderful way to accomplish this. If you are tired of maintaining a regular sidewalk, whether that is in the front, the side, or the back of your house, you can use creative ideas to spruce this area up leading to a colorful entrance to your home! Upon carefully measuring the area of planting on either side of the sidewalk, you will need to ensure you are planting the flowers that you not only want but those that flourish in that area. Here's how to start a sidewalk garden.

1. Plant for Every Season

Plant in groups of three to five to maintain visual consistency. Spring flowering bulbs, summer flowers, and even fall mums look fantastic and provide a variety of color throughout the year. Keeping the season in mind is one of the most important tips for how to start a sidewalk garden.

Be Sure to Mix Both Perennial and Annual Flowers
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