5 Tips on Raising Chickens ...


My parents picked up 25 chicks on their honeymoon and were told that some of the chicks wouldn’t make it. Well, all 25 lived to be large red hens, which were still alive and well by the time I was old enough to help care for them. Since then, I’ve always had at least a few hens and a rooster running around the yard. Here are 5 tips on raising chickens that I’ve picked up over the years.

5. Slowly Decrease the Temperature

Don’t place your chicks directly from their warm environment into the barnyard once they reach 6 weeks of age. It’s easier on the chicks if you slowly reduce the temperature for them and wean them off of the heat lamp. I give chicks the option to go back under the heat lamp whenever they want by removing a side of the brooding box and allowing them to come and go as they please. This way they can leave when they get too warm and come back to the heat lamp if they become chilled.

Keep Them out of Drafts
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