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5 Tips on Making Your Own Bird Feeder ...

By Aprille

Attracting wild birds to your yard is easily achieved with the aid of a bird feeder. Birds are extremely beneficial, as well as fun to watch, so I love having them flit around my yard. There are 5 tips on making your own bird feeder to draw your feathered friends in.

5 Decide on a Type of Feeder

Some bird feed requires special feeders. For instance, thistle is so tiny that it is best dispensed from a feeder with small holes. Large seed, such as sunflower seeds, can be provided on a feeder with a single tray. A feeder for Orioles will require something for the orange to be placed upon.

4 Look around to See What You Already Have

Making a bird feeder from objects around the house can help you to create a work of art. You can drill a hole in an old plate and bolt it to a rod or stake that is stuck in the dirt. Cutting a portion of the side from an empty milk jug is perfect for a bird feeder.


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3 Protect Feed from the Elements

Try to keep the feed from getting wet. If your feeder holds a lot of food, then you’ll need to have some sort of roof over the top. If the feed gets wet, then it will ferment and make the birds sick.

2 Prepare for Squirrels

If you have squirrels in your neighborhood, they will eventually find your feeder. Unless you want to spend the day chasing them away and the birds too, then you’ll need some type of squirrel proofing. Hanging your feeder from a thin wire that is placed between two trees is usually the best option.

1 Find a Good Location

You don’t want to hang the feeder close enough to the ground that your cats or the neighbor’s furry friends are able to easily catch unsuspecting birds. Hang it in a high location and preferably in a spot where you can enjoy watching birds feed.

I’ve made many bird feeders over the years, for friends and family members. The great thing about feeders is that you can be as creative as you want; birds aren’t picky. Have you started making a feeder of your own? Do you have any additional tips to add?

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