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5 Tips on Caring for Koi Fish ...

By Aprille

There’s nothing more relaxing in a garden than a Koi pond. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 fish or 30 fish, these ponds can be the center piece of any garden area. Taking care of these special fish is easier than most people think, once you get the hang of it. Here are 5 tips on caring for Koi fish in your pond.

5 Keep the Water Clean

This is often a given, since most people know fish need clean water in order to have enough oxygen. Outdoor ponds end up with a lot of leaves or other outdoor debris in them. Be sure to scoop leaves off the surface and prevent them from sinking to the bottom where they can decompose.

4 Place Some Plants in with the Koi

The plants not only allow the Koi to hide from the sun on hot days, but they also add more oxygen to the water. Some plants are even a source of nourishment for Koi. If you don’t want the Koi to munch on your water plants, offer them fresh lettuce or even some veggies each week.


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3 Don’t over Feed

Providing too much food for your Koi can result in a variety of problems. The fish can only eat so much at a time; any left over food can clog the filtration system. The water will look dirtier as well, with all the extra food floating around in it.

2 Have Winter Plans in Place

If you live in a region where winters are harsh, then you’ll need to have a plan for the Koi fish when the weather begins to get colder. Not knowing what to do with your fish in the winter can be fatal to the Koi. Some people move the fish to an indoor tank and others have a system of maintaining the outdoor pond’s temperature to make the fish comfortable over the winter.

1 Invest in a Good Filtration System

Going the cheap way for a water filter isn’t always the best idea in the long run. Spending a bit more for a really good filter will lessen the chance of the system malfunctioning on you. If your Koi fish are in a pond that doesn’t get checked on daily, a non-working filtration system could be bad news for the poor fish. Combining proper aeration along with filtration should provide your Koi with the right amount of oxygen and water clarity they need.

I was surprised to learn that these fish could be left outdoors during the winter time. I didn’t know at the time that there are a few things that have to be done to the pond to enable the fish to survive through a harsh winter season. Do you have Koi fish in your garden pond or in a larger pond on your property? What do you find to be most rewarding about these beautiful fish?

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