5 Things to do with Your Christmas Tree after Christmas ...


5 Things to do with Your Christmas Tree after Christmas ...
5 Things to do with Your Christmas Tree after Christmas ...

To me, the saddest part about Christmas is seeing the tree turn brown and lose its needles. There are actually things you can do with your discarded tree, other than drop it off on the curb for the trash man to pick up. Here are 5 things to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas. See if any of these work well for you.

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Create a Wreath or Table Decoration for the House

Evergreens hold their color for quite some time. Even after Christmas is over with, using the branches of your lovely tree for some other types of decorations is still an option. It only takes a few branches to make a beautiful display for the table or a nice wreath for the front door.


Use It for Kindling

My family heats with wood, so our Christmas tree almost always goes to the firewood pile. A little bit of pine tree goes a long way and it makes perfect kindling. The pine needles have just enough oil in them to get a fire going in no time at all.


Make Something for the Wildlife

Place your Christmas tree outdoors and string some popcorn to hang on it for the birds. You can also make some pinecone ornaments that are coated in peanut butter and bird seed and hang these on the tree as well. Food is scarce during the winter. The neighborhood birds might enjoy this extra source of food during the cold weather.


Contact the Conservation Department in Your Area

Fish habitats have been made from retired Christmas trees. Give the conservation department a call in your area and see if this is something they do. If not, then they might have another way old trees are utilized and they will let you know.


Turn It into Mulch

Pine chips are excellent for gardens of all types. They look great and smell nice too. Mulch is also perfect for keeping weeds down around a new tree. Small mulching machines usually aren’t that pricey to rent for a short period of time. You might even talk to a few neighbors and see if they want to split the cost or donate their tree for your mulching task.

I hope you find a way to use your Christmas tree after you are done with it this season. I enjoy learning ways that I can reuse something that everyone else seems to simply toss in the garbage. Have you ever used any of the methods mentioned above for your used Christmas tree? What do you normally do with it when Christmas is over?

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