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5 Fun Garden Activities for Kids ...

By Aprille

Here are 5 fun garden activities for kids. I’ve done all sorts of things with my kids, to teach them about gardening and to get them out in the yard. I would much rather have them out and digging in the dirt than sitting inside, complaining about being bored!

5 Make a Sunflower Fort

I remember playing in the lilac bush when I was little enough to fit between the branches. I used to plant sunflower seeds and make living forts for my son. We would plant the seeds in a rectangular shape. This allowed the stalks to be the walls and the middle was completely open to play in.

4 Pressing Flowers

My mom got me started pressing flowers when I was just a tiny kid. We would pick pansies out of the yard and press them in the latest Readers Digest that came in the mail. Pressing flowers can give kids something to look at later in the fall when all the rest of the flowers are dead and gone.

3 Painting Flower Pots

Terra cotta pots come in all sizes and paint shows up on them very well. Get a bunch of bright colors and let your child paint each pot however she sees fit. You can give these as a gift to an avid gardener or start a flower in it and give the entire plant away.

2 Sprouting Seeds

It’s fun to watch seeds sprout, especially if you use the kind that only take a few days. Alfalfa seeds sprout the quickest, since they are so small. Kids enjoy seeing the daily changes. You can teach them the parts of the plant as each one emerges from the seed.

2 Watching Carrots Grow in an Aquarium

This is my favorite activity. I first did this in second grade and then later taught my son this process. Get an old aquarium and fill the bottom with a couple of inches of gravel, then add dirt all the way to the top of the aquarium. Plant some carrot seeds close to the edge of the aquarium. As the carrots begin to grow, you and your child get to watch the root work its way down the side of the aquarium.

I hope these activities come in handy, next time you are looking for something your kids will like to do. What sorts of activities have you already done with your kids in the garden? Did they enjoy themselves?

Top Photo Credit: etgeek (Eric)

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