5 Ways to Get Children to Help with the Garden ...


5 Ways to Get Children to Help with the Garden ...
5 Ways to Get Children to Help with the Garden ...

I think it’s important to get kids to learn about gardening and to get outside for some fresh air. If you can come up with techniques to get your kids interested in being in the garden, they might continue this hobby later in life. Here are 5 ways to get children to help with the garden that might work for your kids.

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Make Growing Plants a Competition

This is method works well for households with lots of kids. If you live in a neighborhood with many children living close by, creating a competition out of growing plants could get more than your own kids interested in gardening. Kids are usually willing to challenge adults as well, so getting adults within the house involved might also keep kids interested in the contest.


Have Them Take Pictures of the Seeds They Have Planted

It’s often hard to see how much a plant has changed unless you have something to compare. Once kids see how cool it is to monitor and record their plant’s progress, they will probably be all for helping out more in the garden. They can take pictures every few days or once a week, it will depend on the seed being planted. Let them make a poster or a slide show with their pictures to show off to friends and family members.


Put Them in Charge of Specific Plants

Kids like to be in charge, whether it’s bossing around a younger sibling or watering plants. Giving them the responsibility to take care of certain plants in the garden will most likely keep them interested in being in the garden. They will start off simply taking care of their designated plants, but this task usually develops into genuine interest in gardening.


Let Them Have a Piece of Ground to do Whatever They Want with

Handing kids a basket of assorted seeds and pointing out a special area of the garden that they can call their own is usually all it takes to plant the gardening bug. Telling them to plant something and letting them know that they have the option to plant something are two different things to a kid. One is a command and the other is more laid back and less like a chore.


Give Them Their Own Tools

Miniature gardening tools are fun for all. Adults like buying them and kids enjoy using them. What’s more fun is having permission to dig in the dirt, instead of being told to not get dirty. Very small children tend to respond to this method of getting kids interested in gardening more than older kids.

Whether you have kids of your own, grandkids, very young siblings, or are just trying to come up with ideas to unite the neighborhood children, these 5 ways might be helpful in getting kids to help with gardening. Have you used any of these methods with children? What was the outcome?

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