7 Foods to Plant with the Kids ...

By Lyndsie

Gardening with your kids is a great idea. Doing so presents a way for your family to do something together, and it will teach the children a lot. Without question, however, some fruits, vegetables, and other plants are more fun than others. Here’s a look at some of the foods to plant with the kids that will create some fun for everyone.

1 Herbs

There’s nothing like fresh herbs and they’re surprisingly easy to grow, making them great foods to plant with the kids. Thyme, rosemary, mint, and parsley – they’re all delicious, and the thing is, they cost a lot to buy. Growing your own is a great experience to share with your children, and you can save quite a bit of money as well.

2 Lettuce

Lettuce is another great choice for the kids. Lettuce grows quickly, so the children won’t get bored, waiting to enjoy the fruits of their labors. That’s an important thing to consider when it comes to choosing foods to plant with the kids. You want something the children will eat, and that won’t take forever to grow.

3 Potatoes

You can grow a lot of potatoes from just a little bit, and your kids will love that. For farmers, potatoes can get tedious, but if you just plant enough for the family, they can be a lot of fun. The kids may even like digging them up, because picking potatoes is a little like unearthing lots of little treasures!

4 Pumpkins

Pumpkins grow like mad! Your kids will get a kick out of watching their vines spread as they grow from little green spheres into massive orange orbs. Because they are reminiscent of Halloween, they will be doubly fun. However, since there are a surprising lot of things you can make with pumpkin, you’ll also get a lot of use out of them.

5 Carrots

Carrots are great foods to plant with the kids just because they look fun. The way they spring up out of the ground is always a kick. They’re delicious as well, and there’s especially something fantastic about fresh, homegrown carrots that makes your taste buds sing.

6 Tomatoes

With the right amount of care, tomatoes are wonderful to grow. They tend to flourish very well with tender loving care. You can teach your children how to properly nurture tomatoes – and then you can enjoy some more time together, by coming up with all kinds of different foods that rely heavily on your homegrown tomatoes.

7 Strawberries

You definitely can’t forget about fruits! While fruit trees are great to plant when you have children, they take quite a while to grow. Other fruits take substantially less time, and strawberries are a great choice. They do well in lots of different soils, climates, and conditions as well, so they can be a wonderful endeavor for any family.

Growing a garden with your family is rewarding in many ways. You’re also encouraging good health among your children. There are many other types of foods to plant with kids, however. What are your favorites?

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