5 Reasons to Plant Flowers ...


5 Reasons to Plant Flowers ...
5 Reasons to Plant Flowers ...

Right now, I can think of 5 reasons to plant flowers. I am big on gardening and would like to share some of my reasons with you.

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The Smell

Have you ever walked into a yard that had fresh blooming roses in it? The smell will really turn you on.


You Can Make Your Own Perfume

You may want to do some more reading on this one, but when you grow your own flowers, you can make your own perfume. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?


The Look

Of course, one can’t forget about the look that comes with these beautiful flowers. They can take a dull yard and give it good flavor.


The Butterflies and Dragonflies

I like growing flowers in my yard because it adds a hint of nature to my yard. I like looking out my window and seeing dragonflies and butterflies along with bees buzzing around the flowers.


Your Own Bouquet

Of course, it’s fun to grow flowers, because you can make your own bouquets with them. Bringing in fresh flowers for your home is definitely rewarding.

Those are 5 reasons to plant flowers. There are many other reasons to plant flowers that I can think of. What about you, can you think of some other reasons that you would like to add to my blog?

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