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Urban landscaping through conventional or container gardening is great for city folk in many ways. In recent years and thanks to the abundance of online DIY video tutorials, a huge wave of DIY enthusiasts has sprouted everywhere, and more people are changing the look of their homes and neighborhoods through simple projects. Of course, big landscaping projects require much more than just getting the right tools for the job and pumping yourself up with optimism, but with enough experience, DIYers can also eventually embark on large, professional-grade projects.

If you’re completely new to the concept of landscaping and would like to know how you can go about beautifying your own home, this article is aimed at you!

1. What’s the Big Deal with Urban Landscaping, Anyway?

What is "landscaping"? And why do people go to such lengths just to have their home or place of work landscaped? It’s ironic. People have the highest tendency to move towards urban areas for the opportunities and hi-tech amenities that abound there; but at the same time, they want to always experience "peace and quiet" which is almost absolutely absent in the razzle-dazzle of the city. They want to have the best of both worlds. "Impossible!" you may say.

Imagine an average working person in the city. He or she is always busy. Almost no time left for socializing —not even with close friends and family! A quick message or a call is the best one can do. However, most young city folks seem to be able to spend time on their appearance (at salon, gym or spa). Why do we spend our valuable time on our personal appearance? Well, it’s pretty simple, looking good makes us feel good!

It’s the same deal with our surroundings. Having aesthetically attractive spaces makes people feel good. They buy expensive stuff just to make their spaces look and feel great. Even the trash bin must match the beauty of the whole household or workplace, for that matter!

On a larger scale, people employ architects to make the aesthetically proper design of a house, building or even only portions of it. The grounds cannot escape their blessed destiny of beatification. Hence, the value of landscapers and their work.

Should I Hire a Pro or do It Myself?
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