7 Incredible Ways to Absolutely Transform Your Cement Backyard ...

If you have a cement backyard, odds are you want to transform your cement backyard. My boyfriend's very narrow backyard is all cement and it's a pretty odd shape, so this summer we set out to transform it into something colorful and usable (especially since he has a dog). It gave me some great ideas and tips on how to help you transform your cement backyard into something usable and beautiful!

1. Add Color

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If you have an all cement backyard, add some color with patio furniture. I hate when I see a beautiful white patio set on a gray slab, it just makes everything look so bland. Instead of all white, add some color with either bright cushions or a fresh coat of paint! And, it doesn't just have to be all one color! You can paint all of your chairs a different color, or different shades of the same color to transform your cement backyard!

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