5 Tips on Raising Turkeys as Pets ...

By Aprille

Turkeys are a bit different than chickens, not only their large size, but also in how they are raised. I’ve had a few turkeys as pets. Here are 5 tips on raising turkeys as pets that I’m passing along to you. I hope they help you to raise a healthy and happy pet turkey!

5 Keep Them Warm

Heat lamps will be required while your baby turkeys remain small. Hang a heat lamp a couple of feet above their brooding box. The box should be large enough for the turkeys to get away from the heat source if they get too warm.

4 Provide a Large Shelter

Turkeys should have a place to go when the weather gets bad. Most likely, you’ll have to chase them into this shelter during rough weather, since they won’t always go inside on their own. A run should be attached to the shelter so the turkeys can scratch around in the dirt.

3 Place Food in a Self-feeder

Using a self-feeder will keep the turkeys from climbing into their feed and making a mess of it. A feeder will also prevent food from getting wasted by ending up as part of the litter on the floor. Chick starter is sold at feed stores and is able to be digested easily by baby turkeys.

2 Don’t Place Water in a Large Open Bowl

Jar waterers or other types of watering devices used for fowl are better than having an open bowl of water. Turkeys aren’t the most agile creatures on the planet and can easily end up drowning in a bowl of water.

1 Keep Litter Dry

Lining the brood box with a type of litter will help absorb some of the mess turkeys make with water and feces. If the littler is wet for a long period of time, coccidiosis organisms may begin to grow. These can kill your baby turkeys and will be passed from one bird to another.

Not everyone things turkeys make great pets, since they aren’t very cuddly. I think they make the perfect pet for a farm or if you have a large yard. Watching the tom turkeys strut around with tail feathers fanned out is always entertaining. Do you have any additional turkey raising tips that you’d like to offer?

Top Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bridge Baby

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