Top 7 Birds to Look at ...


Top 7 Birds to Look at ...
Top 7 Birds to Look at ...

I enjoy bird watching in my back yard early in the morning. I’m surprised at how many birds are out at that time of day. My love for birds comes from my grandmother, who would sit and tell me every type of bird in her yard. The top 7 birds to look at, in my opinion, are listed below. I think these little feathered beings are the highlight of my morning!

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As a flycatcher, these little guys are really fast. I like to watch them sit in the tree tops with their tails wagging. The wagging tail is a common characteristic among flycatchers. They dart off of the tree branch, snatch a bug in mid-air and fly right back to their perch.


Red-tail Hawk

I see these soaring overheard and calling to one another. They are so graceful as they fly and can maneuver surprisingly well for such a large bird. It’s especially neat when they dive down to catch something in the field.


Pileated Woodpecker

These are some of the most prehistoric looking birds ever. Their call is supposedly where Woody Woodpecker’s laugh comes from. They are huge woodpeckers and can be heard pecking on a tree from quite a distance away.



There are white and red breasted nuthatches; both are excellent fun to watch as they run up and down the tree searching for bugs. They have the tiniest beaks that can fit in between the pieces of bark on the tree. No bug is safe from these little guys. The best part is how they talk to each other as they are going up and down the tree.


Baltimore Oriel

I rarely get to see these orange and black birds, but they sure are a treat when they pass through. I try to have some oranges on hand to draw them in closer. If you slice an orange in half and place it on an Oriel feeder, then you can see how much they love oranges. These birds have such bright orange feathers that I can spot them right away.



My grandmother loves these birds, which is probably why they were one of the first ones I ever knew by name. The males are more bright red than the females, but both have very red beaks and sort of a tuft of feathers on top of their head.


Indigo Bunting

The first time I saw these brilliant little blue birds, I thought someone’s pets had gotten loose. The males are a blue that I can hardly describe. They have sort of a green tint to the blue, so they cannot be mistaken for a Bluebird. They are also much smaller and quicker than a Bluebird.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of birds. Do you like to bird watch? What are your favorite birds and why? Please feel free to share!

Top Photo Credit: William Dalton

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