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5 Plants Animals Won't Eat ...

By Aprille

Deer and rabbits seem to be the culprits I’ve seen munching on plants in the garden. It seems like they will eat just about anything. Thankfully there are some plants that they don’t find very tasty, which means I can plants these particular plants in my garden and sleep peacefully knowing they will still be there in the morning. Here are 5 plants animals won’t eat.

5 Basket of Gold – Aurinia Saxatalis

Deer won’t eat this perennial, which makes it safe to plant in any location. The bright yellow flowers make up a mound that measure almost 20 inches across. This plant needs lots of sunlight in order to do well. It likes well-draining soil and looks great around the edge of a garden plot.

4 Butterfly Weed – Asclepias Tuberosa

If you are looking to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden, but don’t want something the deer will nibble on, then this is a great choice. It flowers from the beginning of summer until the early fall. The bright orange flowers not only attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but also beneficial bees. Zone 4 and up are recommended for growing this plant as a perennial.

3 Lavender – Lavandula Angustifolia

Rabbits will avoid munching on this lovely perennial. The best zones for growing this fragrant plant are 5 and up. The leaves are green all winter long and springtime flowers are a pinkish-purple. This variety is drought tolerant and often used as an ornamental plant.

2 Russian Sage – Perovskia Atriplicifolia

This rabbit-resistant perennial produces delicate purple flowers on top of stems that can reach a height of 4 feet. The silvery leaves greatly compliment the purple flowers. It is drought tolerant, enjoys full sun, and produces blooms that can last nearly 3 months. Zones 5 and up are preferred for this type of sage.

1 Thread Leaf Tickseed – Coreopsis Verticillata

Bright yellow flowers adorn stems that reach heights of 2 to 3 feet. This deer-resistant plant will produce blooms from the middle of summer until fall. It will grow just about anywhere, due to its ability to withstand poor soil conditions, drought, and excessive heat. This plant does well in zones 3 and up.

Finding plants for my garden that I don’t have to protect from wild animals is always a plus. What types of plants do you know of that deer, rabbits, or other wildlife seem to stay away from?

Top Photo Credit: duanekeys

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