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5 Tips on Keeping a Pond up and Running ...

By Aprille

Ponds are a marvelous addition to any garden or yard space, but they require a lot of work to maintain them properly. Thanks to the technological advancements made over the years, the following 5 tips on keeping a pond up and running are useful to all pond owners.

5 Clean It Often

The more frequent you clean your pond, the less work the pumps and filters have to do. When their jobs are kept at a minimum, the wear and tear on them is a lot less as well. Keep the pond free of large chunks of debris and also algae.

4 Have the Proper Equipment

If you are ill-prepared to care for a pond in the first place, then maintenance will be difficult and frustrating. Be sure to know what tools you will need before you delve into the addition of a pond.

3 Test the Water when Necessary

Ponds that contain fish need to have a certain pH level. Be sure to check this often, otherwise you may end up with sick or dead fish.

2 Buy Quality Pumps and Filters

Purchasing the good stuff the first time around will save you the trouble of replacing these necessary pond additions after just a few months. It may be hard to look far in advance, when it comes to shelling out big bucks up front, but try to look at the big picture.

1 Plan Its Location Carefully

Remember that the location of your pond can help determine how much maintenance it requires. For instance, positioning it under a willow tree will mean you will be scooping tons of leaves out of it on a regular basis. While having a pond in complete sun will contribute to a larger growth of algae.

Maintenance is definitely the key to a successful garden pond. While the addition of a pond isn’t for everyone, they can be truly beneficial. Do you have a pond or are you thinking of adding one? What are your reasons behind this type of addition?

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