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5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Garden with You ...

By Aprille

I found it very easy to get my kids to help in the garden at a young age. It seems the older they get, the less they want to be out in the garden. Here are 5 tips on getting your kids to garden with you.

5 Give Them Their Own Gardening Tools

Cute gardening tools for both boys and girls are available at garden supply places and most basic department stores. Even those little buckets with a plastic trowel, hoe, and rake in them are perfect for toddlers. Don’t forget the little gardening gloves!

4 Let Them Choose Some Plants

If you are worried about what types of plants will be chosen, then give a couple of different options are have a selection for them to choose from. This will keep you from having to figure out where to plant some exotic type of vegetable that you aren’t sure will grow in your garden plot.

3 Offer Them a Section of the Garden for Their Very Own Crop

Kids like feeling in charge of things. Try giving them their own section of the garden to do what they want with. They can plant flowers, herbs, or veggies and landscape it if they want. Let them make up some plant markers or decorate rocks to place around their garden area, anything to make it their own.

2 Give Them ‘mystery’ Seeds to Plant

My son got the biggest kick out of getting mystery seeds when he was little. I would choose two or three different varieties of plants that all grew in the same type of conditions. All the seeds would be mixed together and my son would plant them in his little section of the garden. He always enjoyed waiting to see what each seed would turn into.

1 Let Them Help Harvest

Sometimes being able to see the final outcome of a garden is inspiration enough to get kids interested in being part of next years crop. Let them take veggies or flowers to share with friends and neighbors. Most children are very giving and enjoy making others happy.

I hope some of these tips work well for you and you’re able to coax your kids into enjoying a bit of gardening. If you get the chance, start them young! Who knows, they just might like gardening so much that they will pick it up again on their own when they get older. How do you get your kids out in the garden?

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