5 Reasons to Make a Bird Feeder ...

For the most part, people like having birds in their yard. If you are trying to decide whether or not to build a feeder for your feathered friends, then maybe I can help. Below are 5 reasons to make a bird feeder for your yard. Hopefully you’ll see the benefits that come along with feeding the birds and decide to build a feeder of your own.

5. Perfect Company

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Birds have cheerful little songs and they can really bring life to an otherwise dull yard. I enjoy hearing them chatter and sing to one another. They don’t ask for much and are very easy to please too.

4. Educational

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I remember learning what the different types of birds were called by sitting with my grandmother on her patio. She would tell me about each one. If she couldn’t identify a new bird that came to her feeder, then she’d show me how to look it up in the bird book.

3. Entertaining

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You wouldn’t think something that tiny could be so vicious. I find birds extremely entertaining, especially when they get in arguments over who is going to use the feeder first. Even the cats enjoy sitting in the bedroom window and watching the birds at the feeder.

2. Feathery Clean up Crew

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When I have leftover rice, pasta, or stale bread, I toss it out in the back yard for the birds. They sure do make quick work of a pile. It’s amazing at the amount of leftovers they can consume.

1. Great Exterminators

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Not only do they clean up what I provide them, but they also keep the bugs out of the garden. I greatly appreciate the Night Jars and all those mosquito eating birds. I cannot imagine what the bug population would be like without the help of all the birds.

As you can see from the reasons listed above, I’m all for drawing birds to my yard. I feel the more the merrier! What reason did you have for wanting to possibly make a bird feeder? Is there any certain kind of bird you are looking to attract?

Top Photo Credit: zane.hollingsworth

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