5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Winter ...


5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Winter ...
5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Winter ...

I actually like all seasons, since each one has something to offer. Even though I tend to prefer spring time more than the rest of the year, there are at least 5 reasons to be grateful for winter. I’d like to be able to spend as much time in my garden as possible, but I know winter must come at some time.

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I Have Time to Rest

Gardening is definitely a full-time job during the spring and summer months. There are even some years that my garden lasts well into the fall. It’s during these years that I truly look forward to the arrival of winter.


The Plants Need to Get Ready for Next Season

I know I’m not the only one who needs to take a break. The plants use the winter time to rest up and get ready for spring time. It’s always such an amazing sight to see each plant burst to life in the spring after being so still and colorless all winter long.


The Catalogs Are Here! the Catalogs Are Here!

Getting new seed and plant catalogs in the mail is as exciting as opening presents on my birthday. I love to see what new products are available for purchase in the spring. The catalogs are in sad shape by the time spring finally rolls around.


Plants Really like the Snow

The dog and kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy snow when it falls. This wet white stuff is actually an excellent insulator for the plants in the yard. It keeps the ground much warmer, which protects the plant roots against freezing.


I Know Spring is Getting Closer

When autumn arrives, I think about how far away spring is. However, once winter is finally here, I know spring time is next in line and this makes me very happy.

These are my reasons to be grateful that winter has arrived. What are some that you have? Or, do you wish that winter would never arrive?

Top Photo Credit: Andrew @cubagallery

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