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5 Cool Facts on Anoles ...

By Aprille

Anoles are such neat little lizards and they come in a beautiful green hue. I found 5 cool facts on anoles for you to look through. If you already know a lot about them, please feel free to share some of these fun facts with others.

5 Mirrors Bring out the Fighter in Male Anoles

A male anole will become aggressive towards a mirror image of himself. Males respond this way because they are very territorial.

4 Prey Has to Move to Be Detected

Anoles stalk spiders and small insects in shrubs and plants. They also walk along window screens and walls searching for food. The only way they can see their prey is if it moves. Most people feed captive anoles a diet of crickets.


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3 Females Lay One Egg Every Couple of Weeks

Each egg is less than a half an inch in length and rather leathery. Eggs are placed in moist soil covered with leaves or other foliage. These eggs will hatch between 5 to 7 weeks.

2 Sticky Foot Pads Enable Anoles to Walk on Walls

Geckos and anoles are commonly seen walking on walls in the wild. Not only do their adhesive footpads allow anoles to walk up walls, but these also make it easier to escape from aquariums with lids that aren’t secured properly.

1 Color Changing is an Option for Anoles

These little lizards are able to change from bright green to a variety of browns and even grays. The skin color depends on mood, humidity levels, temperature of the air, and even the health of the anole. Even though anoles are able to change colors like a chameleon, these two aren’t related.

Green anoles can be seen in the wild in the southeastern United States and all the way over to Texas. They are also sold in pet stores in many states. Have you ever seen any of these lizards in the wild? Do you think these would make a good pet?

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