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Watching the butterflies flit around my flower garden always makes me wonder how they ever came to be. I’ve seen many hatch from ugly little worms into the most beautiful butterflies. The 5 cool butterflies listed below aren’t all found in the area I live in. Hopefully I will get to see them all one day.

5. Graphium Agamemnon

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This butterfly is also called the Green-spotted Triangle Butterfly or the Tailed Jay. The main part of its wings is a dark brown and there are lime green spots all over them. The Pacific Islands and south-east Asia are home for these butterflies.

4. Rhetus Periander

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The Periander Metalmark is found in South and Central America. Even with a wingspan of only 1 to 1.5 inches, this butterfly is breathtaking. The blue on the back of its wings and body is a brilliant hue. Along the bottom of its wingtails there are splotches of orange. They are very fast little fliers as well.

3. Papilio Palinurus

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This is also known as the Emerald Swallowtail butterfly. It is usually found in South East Asia and has a wingspan of about 4 inches. The majority of it’s wings are a dark green, but there is a diagonal strip running through the middle of each wing that is a pale green.

2. Callicore Cynosure

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I really like the red and black striped wings of this little butterfly. Its wingspan is between 2.25 and 2.5 inches across. South America is where this butterfly originates from.

1. Morpho Menelaus

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The iridescent blue wings of this butterfly can reach a span of 6 inches. Both sexes are blue, but the males are a bit more brilliant in color than the females. These are found in Central and South America.

I would love to see these butterflies in their natural environments. Visiting tropical regions isn’t planned for the near future, so I’ll just have to settle for looking at pictures of these gorgeous butterflies. Have you actually gotten to see any of these butterflies I’ve mentioned? What local butterflies do you think are cool?

Top Photo Credit: Tjflex2

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